Forestry And Woodland Management

Here at Alsted Manor Tree Care we specialise in woodland management and forestry projects.
Having worked in some of the south easts most beautiful and important woodland areas we uphold a vast amount of knowledge and care for our working environment.

Below are listed some of our woodland and forestry services.

Ash dieback and Woodland Management

A disease that is very quickly becoming a huge problem within the UK, it is predicted that within the next 15 years 95% of ash trees in the UK will succumb to the disease.
Ash dieback, which is caused by the fungus Hymenoscyphus Fraxineus. Infected trees need urgent attention due to their unpredictable nature which is caused by the trunk and internal wood rotting away, and causing unpredictable snapping. 
We can help put in place an ash dieback management plan and remove all Infected ash with the help of our woodland management machinery. 

Legal management and administration

When carrying out woodland and forestry works strict rules must be adhered to and licences must be gained before work commences. We can offer our admin services to take away that stress for you and make sure the work is above board and meeting legal standards


Coppicing is an ancient woodland management technique that was once used to ensure regular supplies of timber and firewood. Today, we use it in many of the places we care for to create a range of habitats for plants and wildlife, dramatically increasing the diversity of species that thrive in these areas.

Most tree species can be coppiced but the best suited of our native trees are hazel, sweet chestnut and lime.


Woodland & Forest thinning

Thinning is the removal of some trees or parts of trees within woodland. As the trees reach 10-15 years old, they begin to compete for space, light and nutrients and growth starts to slow. Thinning makes sure that the best trees grow at the fastest rate, allowing a more diverse woodland structure and helping to futureproof the landscape.